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Zucchini Mania is a festival fundraiser in support of Askennonia Senior Centre, North Simcoe's most valuable resource for people age 55+. Located in the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre (NSSRC) in Midland Ontario, Askennonia operates as a year-round recreation facility for seniors. This is where seniors (and seniors-in-training) can come to make friends, learn a new language, play a musical instrument, take fitness and art classes, take a cooking class and much more. Often, seniors find Askennonia after experiencing a major life-changing event (retirement, a big move, death of a spouse) and are looking for activities that appeal to their interests and friendship with their peers. Askennonia has a membership of about 1000 community seniors, has two staff and operates largely on volunteer power.  It is a place that fosters fun, a love of learning, healthy aging and lasting friendships.  


“When I moved into the area, I kept seeing all these events for Askennonia. I finally called to find out about this great "club" that had all these activities. I was very excited to discover that one can be as young as 55 to join. So I did!” - Luci Dilkus

“I moved here 8 years ago and joined Askennonia right away. It's been my lifeline. This is a wonderful, wonderful organization! I do yoga twice a week, line dancing twice a week, the walking group and bid euchre. There are at least 40 activities that take place during the week that anyone can come in, try and enjoy them!” - Gerri Peters

“When my husband passed 5 years ago. I was lost. I needed something more in my life. I saw the ad in the paper about a choir starting at the Askennonia center with Victoria Thompson as the director. I had heard her sing as a guest with Vox community choir and was in awe. How could I do this? Having only sung in a grade 2 christmas choir once. And decided to give it a try. Vicki made it easy to learn. I have you now been a part of the Askennonia choir group since it started. The fabulous individuals I have been privileged to get to know over the years, I now call friends should be reason enough to participate. I have found true joy I get from singing. Vicki's style makes its fun to learn. From my not knowing a comma from a note on pretty paper to truly being able to read music. Is thrilling! I encourage everyone I meet take up song. It's good for the soul and loads of fun!” -Rita Bisschop

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