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When summer begins to wane and hot August days yield to cool evenings, zucchinis vigorously multiply in gardens everywhere. Zucchinis are notably the easiest garden vegetable to grow; they also bear a reputation for growing in over-abundance, to enormous sizes and in weird, wonderful shapes and colours. Zucchini’s prolific nature has led to some creative solutions by gardeners, bakers and cooks, who constantly find new recipes that include the abundant vegetable. Zucchini can be sweet or savoury, baked, deep-fried, grilled, roasted, stewed or preserved; unlike any other vegetable in the world, zucchini could easily be featured in every round of a 3-course dinner! It is with this in mind that we offer Zucchini Mania!, a one-day celebration where zucchini is the garden celebrity. Contests seeking the Biggest Zucchini, Best Zucchini Dessert, Best Zucchini Savoury Dish and Best Zucchini Chili will offer prizes to winning entrants. As a secondary theme, we celebrate end of summer garden bounty by including a BBQ and produce, artisan market vendors. Embellishing the day’s fun, we’ll include great live entertainment, face painting, festival games and fun displays to entertain the whole family.

Zucchini Mania is produced by Askennonia Senior Centre, a non-profit organization in Midland, ON and one of North Simcoe’s most valuable resources for people age 55+. 

One-hundred percent of the profits of Zucchini Mania will be go towards providing recreation and social programs for our region's senior citizens.

Zucchini Mania and Askennonia Senior Centre are located Midland, ON, in the beautiful Heart of Georgian Bay.

For more information on this amazing community and region of Ontario, please visit


Profits from Zucchini Mania support Askennonia Senior Centre, North Simcoe's most valuable resource for people age 55+. Learn more about this magical place and discover what makes it so special.


Little Lake Park, Midland, is the setting for our Aug 27 zucchini event. It's idyllic backdrop of mature trees and lapping waves on the beach make it an ideal spot for a family event.

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